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offers fully customized video production to fit the needs of every client. Videography is more than just pointing and shooting. Our video production service starts with planning and implementing video capturing strategies and continues until an entertaining and captivating video product is produced.


Also Sauni Video Productions provides video services for all uses including:


Corporate Video

Internet Marketing Video

Interview Video

Training Video

Event Video

Testimonial video

Website video

Product launch videos

Explainer / Whiteboard Animation Video

Patient Awareness Program videos



Portrait Photography

Professional Headshots

Baby/Toddler Portrait Photography

Family Portraits

Commercial & Advertising Photography

Fashion & Beauty Photography

Product Photography

Food Photography


We develop and create Corporate marketing video to help get your message across and draw more customers to your website in order to help increase brand awareness for your corporation. The name of the game today is branding, branding, branding. If you want to increase your corporate brand, promoting your name is one of the key components of a good branding strategy. You probably already have all of the videos and promotional items already on hand and just need them converted to an internet friendly medium and then promoted to all of the various channels of the internet. Our corporate marketing video promotion team will work with your corporation to take the existing video materials and convert them into an internet format that can be easily disseminated across the web.

Corporate marketing videos usually come in a one or two minute commercial format that will include the major selling points of your business and the corporate video will include a professional voice over of the message that you want to send to your potential customers. If you already have voices in your corporate marketing video, all we have to do at that point is to simply convert that corporate video into internet format and then begin the process of promoting our corporate video on the internet.


Also we can design and develop your corporate marketing video and then convert it to DVD form if you want to distribute it to clients or customers to let them know about the new changes or procedures for your company.


Let's say that you want to get a specific message to your distributors but the time and manpower would be expensive to call every single one of them. You can create a corporate marketing video concerning the matter and then send everyone an email link to view the new information. We will help you to use the WEB technology for your business success.

Sauni Video Productions is in business to grow your business. We create, produce and market powerful business video solutions, and work on internet video campaigns that help ensure a positive ROI. We are technology geeks with an eye for creativity and practical business development.


 As a business owner, you know you offer a great product or service. You know it's better than your competition, in fact it's the best in town...but how do you convince your prospect?


Communicate Effectively with a Video on a Landing Page!



Through a Video, we can highlight your product or service in a way that hits your clients HOT BUTTONS, motivates them to action and transfers your message clearly. Our process is complete from concept to copies. We can help you with a video production today, just give us a call. Estimates and consultations are free.


Sauni Video Productions produces:


When you need a business video production for your business to market over the internet, Sauni Video Productions can produce and edit your video and get it posted on the internet for you. When you need a business video production for your company, we can put together a internet video for you. No matter what type of business you have we can put your video together for you that will get you more exposure on the internet. If you are trying to enhance the image of your business, you need an internet video that you can put on your website to market your product/service. Internet video marketing will help you get more traffic to your website and generate more sales.


Our videos are designed to communicate your top selling products and services and drive traffic via the internet to get potential clients to visit your site and make a phone call to you.. If you need to increase phone calls, video marketing is an excellent way to promote your product and services and save money on your advertising budget as well. Our videos are designed to be distributed online and to put your company in front of customers who normally would not know of your products and services because of where they are physically located. The internet is an excellent way to market your product/service and using marketing videos is a very cost effective way to market your business online. Internet web videos can be seen all over the search engines when you search for products and services in your local area as well as on a national basis. When you need a video company to produce and design your internet video, Sauni Video Productions can help you organize your images and sales copy into a effective marketing commercial that will attract new customers to your business via the internet.

Video Business Card for small businesses and professionals improved for online marketing. Its the latest online marketing tool in cutting edge digital services.

Video Landing Page for small businesses and professionals improved for online marketing. Its the latest online marketing tool in cutting edge digital service

What makes us different?


Sauni Video Productions offers marketing ideas for small business owners. Having a good online presence and visibility matters because in this modern internet era, this is where clients and customers are looking for YOUR products and services. Don't let your competition win, make sure you are the first number they call. Contact us today to discover how we help you build a tribe of hungry customers.

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